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June 16, 2017

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April 13, 2017



For those of you who know me. You likely know that I have been consulting and operating in interim executive roles for the last 10 years.

Sustainability, technology, gaming, IOT, manufacturing, non-profits, my experiences run the gambit. From working with non-profits driven by mission to main street entrepreneurs trying to eek out a living to Fortune 5's who seek to move the needle with regulators and shareholder. I have been fortunate to have a lot of great stories.

What you might not know from my Type A personality is that deep down at my core I am a systems guy. Do one of those psychological profiles on me, and I score 10 of 10 on logic and pattern recognition.

That is the reason this new venture is so near and dear to me.

As a consultant I am limited. Selling hours makes it tough to scale, and  market rates for COO's are high. Which means every week I have to say no to far more than I say yes to. The economics of hiring a consultant, particularity an outsourced COO is involved. These are not project based endeavors. These are establishing or modifying the culture, process, and soul of a company. It takes time to see results and time costs money.

Because of this, I came to a conclusion last fall that I needed to find a way to scale. To take what I have in my head and put it into a format that was easily digestible, affordable and would make an impact.
So I took all 25 years of my experience and experiences and finally put pen to paper and developed AMP.


AMP is the culmination of my experiences from working with more than 100 organizations of all size and shapes. AMP is The Simple, Comprehensive Methodology to Manage your Organization. It is the Management Operating System I have used to work with clients, to advise my friends and to steer my ventures. AMP is simple yet powerful.


AMP is based on Three Core Principles, three things that I see so many businesses getting wrong. Three things that when applied together, result in working less and making more.

Accountability - is an External Force that manages on your behalf when you are not present.

You have a world class manager at your disposal to help you run your business and achieve the outcome you want. Yet, you have never put her to work.

Implementing accountability is like adding a new member to your management team. A member that is smarter, faster and works 24/7/365 to produce results.

Measurement - Knowing the score is important - but to improve your team you need individual real-time stats so they can affect the outcome of the game.

Think of the differences between figure skating and hockey and how they are scored. Figure skaters are scored after the performance is complete. But In hockey, the scoreboard allows coaches to adjust strategy, and the players can take actions that affect the outcome of the game.

Real-time measurement allows your people and management to improve and take actions to positively affect your outcome.

Process analysis - "We have always done it this way," are the seven most expensive words in business.

Every business has process and either you are actively managing to a published process or in the void of the most behemoth, inefficient process has formed, and it is consuming all your resources like a black hole.

Process analysis is the key to lean, profitable business.

AMP will amplify your outcome ... if you use it.

That is where the 4th invisible element of the AMP System comes in - implementation.

We have all read a book or been to a conference and left with a laundry list of things to implement. But rarely do those things every come to fruition.


That is where AMP is different, once you learn the system you are invited to join a  Working Group of like-minded leaders and AMP consultants that will work with you to tackle the implementation and address specific issues with implementation.

So what are you waiting for. The biggest bet you’ll have every made is betting on yourself. So why not invest a little to discover how to achieve the outcome you took the bet on the first place.


Find out more by choosing Consultation from the top menu or if you are ready to AMP your outcome, select Join AMP.


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