Grow your organization from incremental to an exponential!


January and February at Maricopa County Small Business Development Center in Phoenix


This transformation event combines 100-years of combined executive leadership experiences into a dynamic event filled with proven techniques, tools, and experience-rich learning opportunities.


You are guaranteed at least one "aha" moment that will change the way you do business today.

 Bootcamp will empower you to ...




  • Change your and your team members' perspectives.

  • Redefine accountability, and put it to work for you.

  • Shift your organization from forensic to real-time measurement.

  • Vitalize your processes to get your desired outcomes. 

  • Create a business that is highly investable and designed for growth.

Want to see what it is all about?   

Meet The Team

Derrick Mains

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Creator of AMP and former CEO/COO in the sustainability, technology, gaming and IOT fields.


Derrick has consulted for and invested in more than 120 companies and is a speaker, strategy advisor, and operations expert.  

Dr. Cyndi Laurin

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Sought after professional speaker and process and systems expert with clients like Boeing, Amazon, PG&E and Raytheon.


Best selling author of Catch! and Rudolph Factor.  

Jamie Glass

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Growth expert operating as a CMO/CRO and trusted strategic advisor to more than 50 CEO's and executives.

June Bootcamp attendee

Director - Government

I feel like I got an MBA in five hours! So many "aha" moments!

Who would have thought making paper airplanes would teach so much, fantastic! 

I used the ClariD's on a call with my CEO on my way home and got the outcome I wanted! 

July Bootcamp attendee

VP - Healthcare

August Bootcamp attendee

CEO - Healthcare

June Bootcamp attendee

COO - Technology 

Did I like it? Well, I just bought tickets for every member of our leadership team to attend!


Can't wait for the Mastermind!


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