Finally, a management book that gets to the heart of the problem and provides real-world actionable advice for "getting the job done". 

Practical, Relevant and Real is how I would describe one of the best books I've read for front line managers.  The Frontline Playbook is a must-read for any manager, that feels completely overwhelmed and unprepared for the task of people management.  


Great read!

Kelly Ernce 



Transform Yourself from Frontline Manager to Frontline HERO. When Emily finds herself promoted to her first management role at Leo’s Pizzeria, she quickly realizes she is in way over her head. Despite doing her best, she just can’t catch a break. Just as she decides to quit, an interesting customer, Anne, makes her an offer she can’t refuse. Anne teaches Emily five, simple tools to start using immediately and quickly sees change in herself and her team. Emily learns how to provide meaningful feedback, how to get her team on the same page in under 10 minutes, and how to prioritize which issues to tackle and which ones to block. With her H.E.R.O. toolbelt, Emily is well on her way to greater adventures. BUY THE BOOK TODAY


The AMP approach to management is one that came from the authors' struggles with managing companies and their eventual discovery that working hard, long hours was not the solution. Successful management was about unleashing the invisible force of accountability to manage for you which automatically unleashes the potential of your team and your business.

This book is the first in a series and a precursor to help you understand why approach should always be your focus. The book provides the framework of the AMP system and gives you a few select tools to start a new approach in your life that can be implemented immediately.

This book is intentionally a quick read. Many should be able to read it over a lunch break, but the message contained can change your business this afternoon.

Read it, practice it, and we'll see you at the top