Playbook Systems gives you the essential tools and understanding to start leaders on their journey of business improvement and get all levels of leadership operating under the same management theory. Our workshops remove the guesswork by providing simple, step-by-step tools based on hundreds of years of best practice in real world management situations.

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At the heart of truly championship workforce performance is your investment in your people. Our Maximize People series provides tools that optimize the manager-employee relationship for effective communication, clear expectations, and inspired participation from your most valuable resource.

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Risk is inherent in business. Successful businesses prepare by implementing controls that both identify potential risks and mitigate the consequences of it.
The tools in our Minimize Risk series show you how to reduce the chances for risk and support business continuity when faced with the unforeseen.

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Are you using time or is time using you? If your days are filled with reacting to crises—putting out "fires"—then our Maximize Time tools will help you prioritize your tasks and achieve your goals faster so you’ll be able to take on new opportunities, reduce aggravation, and address urgent issues with control.

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Hard work doesn't always equal profits. In fact, it's a paradox that some of your most diligent efforts can be depleting your bottom line. Eliminate Waste 
examines the enemies of EBIDTA, and teaches the measurement and analysis tools that pinpoint waste in your organization so you can eliminate it.




Derrick Mains is a proven serial entrepreneur and experienced Chief Operating Officer with extensive knowledge of growing and scaling businesses towards profitability and exit.

Derrick has been a Founder, CEO, COO, investor, and advisor for more than 150 companies, from main street family-owned businesses to two of the Fortune 5. He founded and designed Playbook Business Systems—a Management Operating philosophy based on the core fundamentals of Accountability, Displayed Measurement, and Process Analysis—to guide organizations in their early development stages from incremental to exponential growth.

The Playbook Approach is what Derrick is passionate about—helping companies find ways to change their approach to business to maximize their outcome.

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“Multiple epiphanies in half a day. I would highly recommend it to
any C-Level looking to accelerate growth within their organization.”

— Damon Andersen, Branding Expert


Available in paperback and Kindle from

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"The author applies his extensive business acumen to common workplace problems and creates clear solutions that any manager can put
to use."

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"The Frontline Manager's Playbook has already provided me with the communication tools that have made an immediate impact on my business."



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