Employees are leaving their work in record numbers. Frustrated, burned out and chasing other more lucrative and less stressful opportunities. In this highly competitive job market the solution doesn't lie with new hires. It lies with improving your processes, better integrations, more efficient tools and outsourced solutions. Allowing you to operate with a lower headcount and getting more productivity and improving the work experience for the staff you have.  


For more than two decades Derrick Mains (Founder of Playbook) has advised hundreds of businesses and his experience is that nearly every business is riddled with inefficiency. On average he finds that even PROFITABLE businesses are usually less than 60% efficient in what they do. Outdated processes, lack of integration, loopholes and a general lack of focus on reducing wasted time, effort and money. YOUR MONEY. 

40% of
is waste




Derrick Mains is a proven serial entrepreneur and experienced Chief Operating Officer with extensive experience and a refined approach to maximizing outcomes.

Recent engagements have experienced. 
548% increase in throughput

40% reduction in Cost of Labor through using new tools

20% reduction in overhead by changing work schedules

57% reduction in the steps employees walked on a daily basis through a new floorplan design. 

The Playbook Approach is what Derrick is passionate about—helping companies find ways to change their approach to business to maximize their outcome.

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“Multiple epiphanies in half a day. I would highly recommend it to
any C-Level looking to accelerate growth within their organization.”

— Damon Andersen, Branding Expert


Available in paperback and Kindle from

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"The author applies his extensive business acumen to common workplace problems and creates clear solutions that any manager can put
to use."

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"The Frontline Manager's Playbook has already provided me with the communication tools that have made an immediate impact on my business."

Follow the Entrepreneurial Journey of Phat Scooters through their Six-Part Crackle Original Docuseries "Riding Phat". 

Derrick starred and was an Executive Producer on this series for his client Phat Scooters. Watch for free by clicking the link below. 



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