Simple, powerful tools that turn managers into leaders.

Let's face it most leadership training doesn't work.


It relies on the listener to absorb the lesson then sort out how to incorporate that information into their management style. 


AMP removes the guesswork by providing simple step-by-step tools based on hundreds of years of best practice in real world management situations.

AMP = Immediate Impact

3-5 Steps and It Must Fit on a Flash Card

That's how we define an impactful management tool.


AMP Tool's are learned in few minutes, put into practice within the hour and generating results by end of day.

Here's what leaders like you are saying about AMP

Damon Andersen

Branding Expert

"The AMP Boot Camp blew my mind! Multiple epiphanies in half a day. I would highly recommend it to any C-Level looking to accelerate growth within their organization."

Thomas Barr, Executive Director, Local First

"As a leader with a growing team of managers, developing our team's abilities is critical to our success and impact. The AMP system has given us access to a team of experts with deep management insights and experiences that have guided us to be more strategic and intentional in our work. The tools we've learned through the AMP program has activated us to take our business to the next level."

Erica Boehle

President at NeuroDiagnostic Laboratories

AMP has not only provided me with great learning material, simple easy to implement concepts that have improved efficiency within my organization, but also a great group of executives who I have been able to learn from each month.

Erik Dorr

HSMAI President

Hospitality Sales Executive

AMP provides a platform to take an honest and realistic view of your company and offers a vehicle to achieve your goals.  I highly recommend AMP for any executive, director or manager looking for an unique approach to ensure organizational success and profitability."

Andrew Kolikoff

Director of Marketing
Optimum HQ

"When someone tells you that life is all about your perspective... believe it!  AMP's dynamic approach helps leaders realize that which they knew as the truth was not necessarily the truth!  At least not all of it.  Once realized, AMP walks you through this new way to look at, manage and measure the world for the betterment of all involved.  Holistic.  Powerful.  Life changing!"

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